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Ambassador: Ethiopia to construct new dam after Renaissance Dam

Renaissance Dam
Renaissance Dam

The Ethiopian Ambassador in Cairo Mahmoud Dreier said Ethiopia will build another dam after the Renaissance Dam is completed.

Speaking on Egypt’s Al- Nahar TV channel, Dreier said his country cooperates with any entity to achieve its goals, but not at the expense of any state, adding that the new generation in Egypt and Ethiopia should know that the Nile is not the monopoly of any state.

“The Nile river is a gift for Egypt and its people, and the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt should not be reduced to the Nile waters,” Dreier said, adding that Ethiopia will not discuss with Egypt or any country whether it should build the dam or not.

The Ethiopian ambassador stressed that stopping the dam construction was not on the table for discussion.

Drier added that some Egyptian newspapers have exceeded the line in their approach to the dam issue.

Source: middleeastmonitor

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