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Anti development journalists

As there are developmental journalists (DJ), Ethiopia is also ‘blessed’ with the existence of anti development journalists. Yes, they are journalists, if writing on journals and blogs will guarantee one this name. Their similarity with the DJ is both focus on the infrastructures being underlaid. The difference is while the DJ skyrockets the importance and significance of such infrastructures in usually tedious way of presentation, the anti DJ shouts day and night cursing these same infrastructures. It seems the anti DJ’s happiness level exponentially plunges with each tower rising or a mile of rail laid. Nowadays more news on development are broadcasted by the anti DJ, only to tell us how awful it is. But there is only one story that beats any other news, the news of disaster. Whenever there is any perceived or actual disaster unfolding, they are the first to herald the ‘good news’. It seems this is the only hope that is sustaining their miserable life. Instead of attacking policies, they attack persons. Instead of attacking persons they attack their race. The potency of anti DJ is measured by the degree of hate he/she preaches, and virulence of the venom they spit. The ultimate goal is to have as many followers as possible and drag the innocents to their evil loop then go to Kaliti. No road to glory or fame can be completed without visiting Kaliti according their dogmas. If they fail to attract the attention of the government they will travel miles to do so. Indeed, very few will make it. This is a turning point. What was once unknown, and largely ignored by his friends will be a hero overnight. Self appointed activists will shed tears of crocodile. They will decorate their Facebook profile pics with that of the ‘hero’. Although most of these self appointed activists are doing it for a secondary gain, like securing asylum in foreign countries, there are those who just follow the wind in the tornado. I know a friend who was leader of the vocal diaspora who soon turned silent after the ‘magic paper’ is handed over to him. The anti developmental has far reaching, albeit superficial support from anti Ethiopian countries and some institutions without borders. More outcry is heard when a seemingly far reaching project is launched. Irrespective of the political orientation of the anti DJ, they are fodders of the opposition party. Impecunious as they are, they will leave no stone unturned to look for a sponsor. It is this last move which infuriates the government. As money is usually readily available in the terrorist camp, these anti development journalists will feast on it. And in return they will forge alliance with banned groups labeled as terrorists. They will redouble their efforts to impress their new masters, and hence will cross the red line.
But there are those who oppose the government because they are responsible and believe in change. These are real heroes. Whether in prison or out their contribution is significant. They don’t advocate for the sake of seeking attention, they do it because they love their country. They support every developmental activity, and curse every corruption associated with it. It is a pity some of these guys also end up in Kaliti as they might be misunderstood. I have great respect for them. Let’s call spade, a spade.


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