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The weak and the wicked

The recent renewal of alliance between the G7 and Eritrean hoodlums is mesmerising. Do these people learn from their mistakes? Failure, destruction, humiliation one after the other and they still dare to speak! Well, it is just two donkeys scratching each other.

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Eritrea: Horn Africa’s Imploding Country

Throughout history the Eritrean people are known for their servitude and coward character. During the era of their subjugation under Ras Alula ( a renowned African General, and administrator of Eritrea) they were praising the Ras and acted as vassals to him. Ras Alula was the last leader to administer the region with truth and justice. After the martyrdom of Emperor Yohannes IV, and the collapse of the Tigrean military power, Eritreans fell to the colonial rule of Italy.

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