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Ethiopia: From Lion of Judah to economic lion

(CNN)If there was ever a country that embodied the optimism of the "Africa rising" narrative, it would be Ethiopia. The economy of Africa's second-most populated country has for the past decade grown at an average of 10.8% every year.Ethiopia has been a prominent player in modern world affairs since 1896, when it defeated Italy in the Battle of Adwa. The nation on the "horn of Africa" was among the first independent countries to sign the United Nations' Charter, and supported the decolonization of other countries and the birth and growth of Pan-Africanism. The African Union is based in capital city, Addis Ababa.As a reflection of its growing international influence, in July 2015 alone, Addis played host to world leaders at the Financing for Development Summit, (a crucial meeting ahead of the UN summit in September) and to U.S. president Barack Obama.

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Ethiopia gets first sub-Saharan Africa metro – CNN.com

addis light train

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CNN)In Addis Ababa, a city of over 4 million people, the more traditional way of getting around has been in mini vans -- a cross between a bus and a taxi, that picks people up and drops them wherever they want to go.But now, a newly opened urban metro service is set to transform the way people in Ethiopia's capital get to work. The $475 million Light Rail Project is a joint venture between Ethiopia and China and the first of its kind for the city and sub-Saharan Africa..

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Ethiopia Prepares to launch PSI’s First Franchised, Pay-for-Use Toilet Business

It was all-hands-on-deck this past August in Addis Ababa when an Ethiopian architect, expert from Sanergy, a sanitation social enterprise based in Kenya, PSI’s WASH coordinator and the distinct and talented team from PSI Ethiopia gathered at the PSI-Ethiopia office. Their objective: to design a high-quality, pay-for-use toilet that will help to address the urban sanitation crisis faced in Addis Ababa. Rapid migration from rural areas to the city, in addition to an onslaught of new municipal-wide government infrastructure projects, have resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of people, many of whom are forced to reside in informal settlements. Without secure land tenure, or even the physical space, many households are unable to build a toilet to use at home. As a result, poor urban Ethiopians are often forced to defecate in plastic bags which are then thrown into the open — commonly referred to as flying toilets. Others defecate under the shelter of darkness, a practice which exposes women and children, in particular, to embarrassment and risk of assault.

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In Ethiopia, jobs might grow on trees

Work on a timber plantation in Ethiopia is tough, with low wages, poor conditions and little security – but at least it’s a living. And in a country with high demand for wood products and widespread rural poverty and youth unemployment, industrial timber plantations offer a lot of promise, according to an analysis by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). “The sector could generate employment opportunities in Ethiopia, and also relieve the growing pressure on natural forests,” said one of the study’s authors, CIFOR scientist Habtemariam Kassa. “The government is committed to promoting reforestation and afforestation, but our observations show that realizing the promise will take some major changes,” he added.

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Ethiopian Industrial Park

This is one of the modern Industrial Parks, dubbed as Light Industrial City, to be built in Ethiopia as part of the larger plan for industrialization. It is situated at the ...

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Bullish Ethiopia and Djibouti agree on $1.55Bn pipeline; Kenya’s LAPSSET has reason to worry

Bullish Ethiopia

Ethiopia and Djibouti are looking to create an African infrastructure hegemony that reaches into West Africa. ETHIOPIA and neighbour Djibouti signed an agreement for a $1.55 billion fuel pipeline with developers Mining, Oil & Gas Services and Blackstone Group LP-backed Black Rhino Group. The two countries in the Horn of Africa signed framework agreements on Tuesday for construction of the 550-kilometer (340-mile) line to transport diesel, gasoline and jet fuel from port access in Djibouti to central Ethiopia, the companies said. Financial close is expected in 2016, with construction scheduled for completion two years later.

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