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In Kenya, a grandmother in her 90s attends fourth grade

CNN)She grew up in Kenya under colonial rule, when women didn't get an education.Now in her 90s, Priscilla Sitienei is changing that, attending elementary school -- and inspiring a generation. She started five years ago as a kindergartner at a boarding school near Eldoret. She's in fourth grade today. "I had grandchildren and great-grandchildren who shunned school," she says by phone from Ndalat. "That made me mad. I decided I have to show them that education is important."

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West Chester filmmaker driven to tell Eritreans’ story

When a refugee working to oppose one of the world's most repressive regimes tried to leave, the Eritrean government found him and held him in an underground prison for six years until he escaped.His job at the jail had been to sell the kerosene that inmates buy for cooking. He said he saw some use it to set themselves on fire. "That was one of the first stories we heard," said Chris Cotter, an aspiring filmmaker in West Chester. "It was tough." Cotter, a 37-year-old musician, is almost done making a documentary - Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus - to share people's stories and raise awareness about human rights abuses in Eritrea, a country slightly larger than Pennsylvania on the Horn of Africa.

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Armed men raid South Sudan school, abduct 89 children

(CNN)Armed groups raided a South Sudanese school and seized 89 children, the United Nations said Saturday. It pointed out that boys were among those taken.The abduction occurred near Malakal, where thousands of people have taken refuge following months of violence in the nation.Kidnappers gathered around a community and conducted house-to-house searches, according to the U.N. children's agency. It said boys over age 12 were taken away by force.

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11-year-old Eritrean migrant left his family for new life in Europe

11-year-old Tanjin (pictured) is one of 2,000 asylum seekers to land on Lampedusa in the last five days - having risked their lives crossing the rough Mediterranean waters on smuggling boats.The Eritrean boy left his family behind and if he is sent back too, he faces being conscripted into the country's military. For that reason, the boy is likely to remain in Europe where he will continue his education.

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South Sudan’s Conflicting Forces Still Recruiting Children

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said in a report that the South Sudan government and rebel forces are still recruiting children to fight in the country's civil war.The claim was rejected by the government. “Despite renewed promises by both government and opposition forces that they will stop using child soldiers, both sides continue to recruit and use children in combat,” HRW’s Africa director, Daniel Bekele said.

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“The Dead Journey”

Girum Tehalmanot is an Ethiopian journalist and refugee who left Ethiopia nine years ago. On Jan. 9, his first book, “The Dead Journey,” was published in Yemen. It was published in Ethiopia a few months prior. The book was written as “a warning to those thinking of coming to Yemen,” Tehalmanot said. It is based on his experience at sea, but also on 53 interviews he has conducted with those who made the journey. The book is the first to be published in a three-part series about the dangerous conditions migrants and refugees face coming to Yemen.

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