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Eritrean immigrants arrested in Libya’s Misrata


At least 90 illegal immigrants have been arrested in Misrata, local authorities reported on Sunday. The Fight Against Illegal Immigration Bureau said 97 Eritrean immigrants, including 22 women, were caught red-handed as they were about to launch their journey to Italy from one of the city's shores.

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Why Ethiopia has emerged as the new hotspot of Africa?

In the beginning, the question was: Why Ethiopia? Why hotfoot to a remote, unsung African nation when the oomph of the Serengeti plains in Tanzania or the lure of Kenya's Big Five lurked in the neighbourhood? However, within a day or two of landing in this charming land of genteel people, that query was turned on its head: Why didn't I visit this place before?

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የወሲብ ገበያው


ከጽሑፉ ግርጌ ጥቂት የማይባሉ ሰዎች ልዩ ልዩ አስተያየቶች አስፍረዋል፡፡ አስተያየት ከሰጡት የውጭ ዜጎች መካከል ከፊሎቹ አገሪቱን የሚያውቁ መሆናቸውን ከሰጡት አስተያየት ማወቅ ይቻላል፡፡ አገራቸው በሴተኛ አዳሪ ጉዳይ ስሟ መነሳቱ የቆጫቸው ኢትዮጵያውያንም ፈጽሞ የተሳሳተ መረጃ እንደሆነ በመግለጽ፣ ጸሐፊውን ተችተዋል፡፡

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UN: African Union must investigate Eritrean crimes


Rights groups and activists welcome the UN resolution, but they call for concrete actions to hold Eritrea accountable. The United Nations rights council has called on the African Union to investigate Eritrean leaders over alleged crimes against humanity after a damning report by a UN commission.

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Dutch parliament deals blow to Eritrean regime


The Dutch National Parliament conducted a session about the influence of the PFDJ regime on the Eritrean community in Holland. This followed multiple examples of intimidation, blackmailing and threats. A series of PFDJ court cases against opponents of the regime also received the attention of the Dutch government and Parliament finally decided to act.

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