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UN Security Council Monitoring Group Report on Eritrea – International Policy Digest

The UN Security Council has released its 116 page Monitoring Group report on Eritrea dated 13 October 2014.The Monitoring Group found no evidence of Eritrean support to al-Shabaab during the reporting period. It did not, however, rule out the possibility that Eritrea may have provided some asistance to elements within al-Shabaab without detection. In any event, Eritrea is a marginal actor in Somalia.

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UK tycoon to Ugandans: Accept gays, lesbians or die poor

A British tycoon, Richard Branson, has warned Uganda not to dare re-consider the anti-gay bill that was recently thrown out by the Supreme Court. “To prevent this draft bill from even receiving consideration, I urge individuals, governments and companies worldwide to voice their distaste,” Branson said. He added: “Uganda and all countries that discriminate against people for supporting gay rights must reconsider their stance.” As a punishment, Branson urged donors and Western countries to cut aid to Uganda until the country recognises and accepts rights of homosexuals and lesbians.

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