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Ethiopia eyes more tourists from Oman this year

Addis Ababa/Muscat: This year, around 10,000 tourists from Oman are expected to visit Ethiopia, one of the most ancient countries in the world, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination in Africa, said a senior official. Ethiopia, a treasure trove of historical, cultural and natural riches located in the Horn of Africa, is home to the highest number of Unesco World Heritage sites in Africa, along with Morocco, and receives thousands of foreign tourists every year. ' Now, with ever-increasing ties between Oman and Ethiopia, the northeast African country has its sights set on attracting more tourists from the Sultanate. "We have developed an attractive package and have sent it to all our trading partners. Also, in the absence of an Ethiopian embassy in Oman, we are facilitating visas for Omanis and expatriates living in Oman," said Sami Muctar, country manager - Oman, Ethiopian Airlines. Speaking to the Times of Oman, Muctar said that the launch of direct flights between Muscat and Addis Ababa has led to a 'tremendous' increase in the number of travellers and 10,000 visitors from Oman are expected to visit Ethiopia this year.

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Living history – a journey along the historic route in Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA HAS LEFT me utterly selfish. After a week in this spectacular country I have been consumed by it and want to keep it all to myself. I don’t really want to see tourists scrambling to take photographs in the ancient churches and palaces I have been introduced to. I don’t want others to come and see the beauty of its people or the anger of its storms, to experience the silence of its forests and lakes or to feel the elegance of its music and dance. But everyone should. This is Africa as it is imagined, and it defies all expectations. Yes, our existing images of Ethiopia are harrowing, but those images created an emotional attachment to Ethiopia that shouldn’t be ignored. Before my trip I told everyone I met where I was going, just to gauge their reaction. While most were surprised, they were also excited by the idea and wanted to know more. It seems people want to like Ethiopia. They feel they know it and have an interest in its future.Religion is everywhere in Ethiopia. In fact, for anyone brought up with even a vaguely Christian education, a trip to Ethiopia is your catechism brought to life. The traditions and way of life outside the cities, particularly surrounding its historic sites, can only be described as biblical. It sounds an overly dramatic description, but this is a place where time has stood still. At least for now.

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Ethiopia, risen from the ashes

A safe country for tourists, well managed with a young educated workforce and a culture that runs much deeper than old headlines suggestI’m crazy about Ethiopia. It’s exciting and elegant and stuffed full of history and drama. It offers vast distances between its remarkable tourist sites so, for a traveller like me who wants to get lost in the journey, it’s a fascinating place to visit and one that’s rapidly changing. It’s six years since my last trip here and change is everywhere. I’m in a minibus heaving with European journalists, cutting down through the Ethiopian section of the Rift Valley towards the Bale Mountains. It’s an eight-hour drive from the capital Addis Ababa, if we don’t take pit stops – but that’s unlikely in a country as surprising and eye-catching as this. There are deep blue crater lakes to explore, buzzards flying overhead, lush pastures and dark forest alongside us and great restaurants and brand new vineyards to visit. And that’s before we make it to the mountains themselves and all that they offer.

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Katara to host Ethiopia cultural day

Katara - the Cultural Village will hold an Ethiopian cultural day on February 27. The cultural day will feature shows by Ethiopian National Theatre at the Opera House at building 16, in addition to an Ethiopian national gallery at building 13. The event will conclude on March 5. Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager, Katara, met the Ethiopian Ambassador to Qatar, Mesganu Arga Moach, at Katara, and discussed the details of the event. “Ethiopian culture is rich and ancient and has many common points with the Arab and Islamic history. Katara always introduces various cultures to its audiences from around the world to strengthen relationships among various cultures and peoples, and to act as a bridge for communication and co-existence,” said al-Sulaiti. The Ethiopian ambassador said that visitors will come to learn about the culture of the African country through cultural, musical, and dance shows by renowned troupes. The gallery will also feature paintings of renowned Ethiopian artists, and photographs of famous historical Ethiopian sites registered as UNESCO heritage sites. In addition, the gallery will include old and valuable manuscripts.

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How a trip to Ethiopia shattered stereotypes, spurred documentary

Traveling to Ethiopia changed me forever. In the two months I worked there in 2008 I met a proud country that fought off Italian colonialists, a diverse nation that communicates in over 80 languages and a complex people who challenged my assumptions and helped shape how I see the world today.But that wasn’t what I was expecting. I grew up in the 1980s and 90s, decades that saw famine and political unrest in Ethiopia, as well as growth to our region’s significant Ethiopian-American population. For me Ethiopia was a country that evoked images of starving children, refugees and war.

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Ethiopian Cardinal on his nomination: “A total surprise and a humbling

Pope Francis on Saturday 14 February created 20 new Cardinals in a ceremony at the Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica. The new Cardinals come from all the continents of the world. For the first time in the history of the Church, Cape Verde, Tonga Islands and Myanmar will also have Cardinals. Three of the new cardinals come from Africa and these are: Ethiopian Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel who is 66 years old; Cape Verdean Bishop of Santiago de Cabo Verde, Arlindo Gomes Furtado, 65 and the retired Mozambican Bishop Julio Duarte Langa, the emeritus Bishop of Xai-Xai. He is 87 years old.Speaking just before the ceremony to Vatican Radio’s English Service for Africa, the new Cardinal of Addis Ababa, Berhaneyesus Souraphiel described his nomination as a total surprise

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