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Before I embark to my point let me define one important term which will be at the heart of my article today: Hero. Hero is defined as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Here we can see that to be a hero you need to do extraordinary deed and of noble quality. Usually it is the prevailing circumstances that make an individual to be a hero.

What happened in the embassy of Ethiopia in DC is outrageous. A bunch of bandits had made their way in to the embassy compound and committed grotesque crime. For them it is heroism, Animal Hero Number One! But on the contrary the hero is the single man who confronted the fifteen membered gangs. Mr Solomon was shooting to the sky; for a man who was tested by fire, shooting at his enemy’s head would have been easier. We have witnessed how they started shaking after the first shot  was heard. To be a Facebook or ESAT hero is one thing, to confront an Ironman is another. Heroism also demands controlling your emotions in such grueling situation that is why I call Wedi Weyni a hero. He is my hero! But for the cowards who have never seen a hero in their lifetime, their ‘heroes’ are people who insult officials or hooligans who confront a guard. Why is the Ethiopian blood not flowing in their veins? It is a pity!

These miserable good-for-nothing thugs in the payroll of ESAT were committing their crimes in front of a camera in broad daylight. This is mockery of democracy. This is a premeditated and deliberate crime against a sovereign embassy. If they think the embassy belongs to TPLF, then they have no business going there. If they think they are Ethiopians they should be abided by Ethiopian law. We know how the embassy of USA is guarded in Addis Ababa. We can only contemplate what will happen if a group of Palestinian refugees in DC stormed the embassy of Israel to take down the flag. There shouldn’t be any double standard in here. Ethiopia might be poor, still growing country but Ethiopians are not less humans. Geneva convention applies to all signatory nations. Where is the man who trespassed the White House compound last month? Did he commit any different crime? What did Iranians do in 1979 in the embassy of USA in Tehran? Was it a different crime? Why did the American consulate get killed in Benghazi? One can list unlimited case scenarios. The point is crystal clear, no single despondent criminal should walk free in the streets of a free country.

What was their mission? To replace the national Ethiopian flag with a flag that doesn’t bear a star? So practically they were taking down a star from the sky. No one can knock down a star from the sky just because he wishes. Can they delete a single star from the 50 stars in the American flag? We have but one star and we are committed to protect it as its meaning is beyond the level of understanding of these thugs.

Beyond ridiculing themselves and serving as a news feed for ESAT they achieved nothing. No single policy or strategy of Ethiopian government has changed ever since. For radicals who aren’t ashamed to carry an imperial flag with Lion and Cross over it, the meaning of a Star is not palatable.

The driving force behind this drama, the mastermind of the whole operation was not trying to see a flag being replaced by a piece of fabric but to see and count bodies in the embassy grounds. To incriminate the embassy to create havoc and present to Mr Obama how the government he praised is killing ‘peaceful demonstrators’. Soon after the statement of appreciation from the president was heard all vocal extremists start attacking the personality of Mr Obama. This was lead by the demented Professor Al Mariam (Alemayehu Gebremariam, not proud to use his Ethiopian name though). He gave his piece of garbage a title ‘shame on me for supporting Obama’. Of course he has millions of  reasons to be ashamed of himself. The very idea of good news from Ethiopia makes him a rabid dog. His disciples marched to the embassy just to taunt the ambassador. Thanks God for giving Mr Solomon all the tranquility and no one was hurt. But this by any means doesn’t mean the hooligans will go free unpunished.

We will prevail!


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