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Dr. Berhanu Nega arrives in Washington and here is why

neamin zeleqeGoodbye See you later

Around six months back, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Neamen Zeleke and other ginbot 7 higher “positioning” pioneers declared that, this is it. The battle has come to a point where General Berhanu was expected to lead the ginbot 7 invisible armed force that was liberating towns in Ethiopia from TPLF, as indicated by ESAT. That activity has turned into a wellspring of trust in some edgy ginbot 7 supporters while entertaining us, the individuals who have some piece of information about this imposter performing artists. Tragically for the would be general Berhanu, when he ventured his feet in Eritrea’s soil, Mola Asgedom, TPDM leader, after working with Ethiopian national  security forces  for over a year, took the only relatively well-organized rebels and went to Ethiopia. Eritrean government hooligans have spent a big chunk of Eritrea’s economy building TPDM for over ten years. I think its clear  to envision, the amount of harm it brought about on Eritrea, Egypt and concerned others.

European Union Ana Gomez invitation

It was bizarre to see the entire ginbot 7 leadership suddenly pack up and to go to the small east African nation, where still shoot to kill at the border, to discourage Eritrean exodus has been the standard, for quite a while. One thing was clear, Berhanu and his coteries regardless of what; won’t surrender their  lives in the US. So what constrained them? I had two likely explanations behind that: One possible reason can be the fact that, Dr. Berhanu, Isaias Afewerki, and Egypt needed to counter balance the  impact of Endargachew Tsige’s Capture by the Ethiopian security forces in Yemen. Another possible reason, it could  be that Ethiopia finally figured out how to persuade the US to take care of these runaway DERG criminals: Maybe the US advised ginbot 7 pioneers to stop or go to Eritrea.
Following a couple of days of Berhanu’s entry in Asmara, there was gossip that he would go to Europe seeking medical attention. When people began to ridicule him, he thought of a superior way, EU welcome trick. That lie didn’t live long either; the EU said individuals Ana Gomez welcomed Mr. Berhanu Nega not EU, in a public statement. Astute Berhanu, once landed in Europe, he expressed gratitude toward his God for giving him another opportunity and did not go back to Asmara, rather he leaked about his arrival.

Back into the game

Dr. Berhanu seems to love consideration, and he has been getting it. At the same time, he was too careless about credibility and it cost him, his future as a politician. He had committed incalculable errors yet learned nothing. Berhanu after spending several weeks in Europe possibly with Ana Gomez, he surprised us that he has just arrived in the US while his gullible supporters expected him leading his invisible army marching towards Addis Ababa. Whatever caused the whole harmless ginbot 7 leadership suddenly to go to Eritrea, has expired. My best guess why Berhanu is here, the US is intimidating Ethiopia. Within the last few weeks, US shuts down (at Ethiopia’s request?) its drone base in Arba Minch; the US had made statements concerning the recent protest, that indicate there is friction between the two nations.  And now the once we thought the US might have been behind the Ginbot 7 leaders departure to Asmara, is welcoming Berhanu Nega, back into the game.

The Cure

Berhanu, ginbot 7, Arbegnoch and others will never see Addis Ababa let alone Arat kilo; unless they quit betraying their nation, apologize the Ethiopian people and ask for mercy. These gatherings have never been a danger nor can be later on. These individuals have families to deal with; month to month bills to pay and some don’t even have a real employment.Politics for these particular interest is not just politics. It is a means of living. Listen to Abebe Gelaw @ 8:46.

They have media financed and overseen by Eritrea and Egypt, that spit nothing but venom among Ethiopians. Shutting up every venomous one ,might be impossible,however, Ethiopia is more than capable to take shabia out, and it should do so. The sooner the better. Taking care of shabia  right now , stops the creeping Saudi and UAE into the red sea. The US will release no more condemning press releases, and Ethiopia’s future will be brighter.

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