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Egypt warns Ethiopia Nile dam dispute is life or death -El-Sissi

El-Sissi sought to reassure Egyptians in televised comments while attending the inauguration a fish farm in the Nile Delta province of Kafr el-Sheikh, but stressed that “water is a matter of life or death.” “No one can touch Egypt’s share of water,” he said. [Time of Israel, 11/18/17]

Old habits die hard. Egypt contributes nothing to the Nile river, yet Egyptians were successfully utilizing it for centuries, in monopoly.
Now, when Ethiopia, the source of the Nile river providing more than 85% of the water, planned to use it feed it’s 100 million people, Egyptian leaders acting weird. One time they preach love and working together between both people, and on another occasion make an empty threat echoing the same nonsense statement “water is a matter of life or death.”

The Nile issue may be excessively entangled for government officials of the two countries. Be that as it may, it is direct for the Ethiopian people.The water is in our territory. It is on our soil. It is ours.There is no an ounce of Egyptian water in it. We needn’t bother with consent to utilize it from anybody. Negotiation with Egypt on how to use our water does not make sense to the Ethiopian people. Indeed, it befuddles us.

Here are few facts Egyptians need to pay attention to:

1. You have been utilizing the river for long time, does not mean you have the privilege to keep doing as such. It’s not in your soil. You contribute nothing.Ditch your old propensity.

2. Rather than accusing and undermining your water source, work with it.“ water is a matter of life or death” does not make sense to us for many of reasons. First, we are not the reason for Egypt’s lack of water. Second, unlike Egyptians, we have been starving and dying for years. Death might be new and scary for Egyptians but not for us.Third, in 2017 it is inconceivable to intimidate Ethiopia.You are free to say anything for media consumption and soothe some on edge Egyptian nerves.

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  1. Egypt is blamed for the poor ness of Ethiopian for many centuries
    But this generation have no the patience of looking Egyptians
    eating while he or her family die of starvation because of
    Water problem.
    As we said death is not new for us so stop warning us

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