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RIP: Elias Isaias Kifle

The alliance between Elias and Isaias seems to be on its ebb now. The elm is cut! What has been a strong Slave-Master relationship among the bloodthirsty hate mongers came to an accelerated halt just before the turn of the New Ethiopian year.

For years, the pseudo journalist Elias Kifle, aka Elias Isaias Kifle, has been busy fabricating unfounded stories and propagating racial hatred against Ethiopians through his ER (Ethiopian Review, not to be confused with Eritrean Review) website. The man is known to spit venomous comments and enjoy any pitfalls of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Without any scruple he was in the payroll of the EPLF regime. He even traveled great length to visit and interview his master in Eritrea. Elias run short of words in admiring the beauty of Asmara and the greatness of its leader. Indeed he named the president as Person of the Year, for his contribution to Ethiopia’s peace and development! That was satire of the century. But what do we expect from men such as Elias, empty pocketed shallow minded minions.

Stories were told about how indispensable were the Eritreans in the fight against Ethiopia. Elias advocated how Ethiopian oppositions, G7 included,  should go and fight side to side with EPLF in their ‘struggle for freedom’. If there is any people who doesn’t know the meaning of freedom, it is the Eritreans themselves. How can today’s Eritreans be allies in any freedom fight, if not in destabilising any nation? Let them free themselves first before helping someone else. Eritrea was praised as the most democratic country next to US for Ethiopians. If this is the type of democracy he was wishing us for decades, I wish it back to him. All his fabricated stories were taken at face value by his malevolent followers and the wide ‘opposition’ camp in general. No one dared to question him. Questioning any point in the extreme diaspora’s arena will led one to be branded as Weyane and Infiltrator. Elias was taken as a hero, so long he was posting racially sensitive, immoral and wicked articles.

In a 180 degree turn, Elias is telling us now a different story. It seems he is fade up by incessant lie and decided to voice different just for a change. His ‘intelligence unit’, Elias told, has investigated and discovered the criminals behind the arrest of Andargachew Tsige after two months long backbreaking reconnaissance work.  He told us the Eritrean regime betrayed the fugitive and leaked his travel details to the Ethiopian security guys. Without any regard to the evidence he is forwarding, my point of focus is not on the evidence but in the drama. Could he be telling the truth that the EPLF has betrayed Andargachew? Does the moral standard of Isaias allow him to betray a man ‘the size and caliber’ of Andargachew? The answer is What Moral!? If there is anyone who doubts this, he/she doesn’t know Isaias. The president is submerged in the blood of his own former comrades. I have no iota of suspicion as to its possibility. Esaias has no problem in hugging and hatching politicians so long they agree to bleed Ethiopia and are source of hard currency. If they fail to demonstrate their loyalty by blowing up a bridge or a minibus taxi full of innocent passengers in Ethiopia, they won’t continue as his favourites. They will be thrown to the jaw of the lions. The fact that G7 didn’t achieve any substantial military power more than a lip service via ESAT and its asthenic political stand makes it the prime target to the mafia leader’s assassination squad.

The second point is could Elias be lying? Again taking his previous stamina into consideration this is also a possibility. The man is a pathological liar! He can fabricate anything. This man is infested with hate and abomination. Once he hates any organisation, party or individual, he leave no stone unturned to black smear their names. Could he be lying? Why not, is my answer. He tried to support his hypothesis by commenting on the fact that the Eritreans didn’t react over the Yemenis for the later’s collaboration with Ethiopia. Well, if they did react, will they show it? Will they accept defeat by Ethiopia? Let alone in such a clandestine activity some of them still deny that they were devastated in the 1998/2000 border war like no other country. EPLF knows how to down play defeat.

Will the Ethiopian intelligence service work with the Eritreans? Never! The movement of any convicted terrorist is always closely followed, no need to get tips from a country sponsoring terrorism in a broad day light. Security agreement between Ethiopia and Yemen is the only important issue here, and we know it does exist.

Elias’ quarrel with the opposition didn’t come at any worse time to his old allies than in this election year. We will continue to witness more inside stories of both parties in a throat cutting smear campaigns in the near future. Most of the stories will be, of course, white lies, but they will fall together encumbered by their sins. The vocal extremist diaspora will soon ignite its character assassination machine, and Elias will be busy reacting to save his nose. If he is going down he won’t go down alone, this is their unwritten code of conduct.

It is already too late for any terrorist to come out of Eritrea alive. The only chance they have now is to confront the decaying Eritrean military and assume power there, then argue with Ethiopia just like Taiwan and China. Already TPDM is on guard in the presidential palace and acting as a military police (MP) to curb the fleeing infantry.

The funny thing here is the extreme opposition’s reaction to the ‘research’. Haven’t we said for years now the man is lying? Is it only when he turn his muzzle towards their eyes and their favourite country Eritrea they realise he is a man of darkness?  Have anyone before tried to verify his posts? He never lived for truth and he will die the same. RIP Draconian Devil.

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