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Eritrea: Emigration as a Culture

After committing the ultimate political hara-kiri in 1998 by waging war on the one and and true ally of the young nation, the Eritrean masters of war never seem to be shying away from exhibiting their disemboweled body now and then. Crisis after crisis is the reality in today’s Eritrea.  Each one worse than the last. Very few far sighted politicians anticipated the border war will have such astounding ramifications. War is a double edged sword. One might think that by waging war on unprepared country the gains could be tremendous. Probably no one from the Eritrean side guessed the Ethiopians will be serious enough to retaliate against the ‘mighty’ African army which has ‘defeated’ the strongest army in the continent. This fatal miscalculation has resulted in haemorrhaging economy and a nation abhorred by its citizens.
Although it is difficult to extrapolate the cause of their mass exodus, it’s known that not all of them are political refugees as they wanted to appear to be. Emigration in Eritrea is a deep rooted culture. Since the sixties they have trekked out of their villages in search of food and water to countries like the Sudan, and across the Mereb river. Not few of them has also sailed the Red Sea to work as servants for the Arabs. Even if the affirmative action of the late Ethiopian emperor helped them to join universities in the hundreds, their heart was always with those living afar. Once a child grows in Eritrea his immediate instinct is to run away from his families. In the Derg era, this was seen as a patriotic deed as many of the youth were joining the rebels. Now, in the absence of similar opportunities and the God send dictator at home, they are very much welcomed by the west. The safe arrival of a group to Italy has its own domino effect on those who are staying at home.
Despite their being people from different creeds, one thing is clear and common to all of them: their hatred against Ethiopia. No matter how they are desperate and in ill situations, what warmth their heart most is a bad news from Ethiopia. The contrary has severe impact on their immature brain, whatever best life they might be living, a success story from Ethiopia cuts their heart in two.
After the shelter and welcoming environment they enjoyed in Ethiopian refugee camps, it doesn’t took them a moment to betray and attack Ethiopia once they have left the country.
Nowadays they are trying to exploit the Ethiopian economy by posing as if they were Ethiopian diaspora. The ill thinking of some people in Addis Ababa viewing this thugs as ‘brothers’ is contributing to the ultimate damage. No one can clap with one hand. We shouldn’t insist in calling them our brothers and sisters while they are trying their best to destabilise and destroy us. Politics is not a religious institution. Enough is enough. Eritrea is a separate country my fellow country men. Don’t dream this two countries will be one again and Ethiopians will live Asmara and Massawa again. Never! Our blood is different. We don’t have a coward blood in our veins. The recent opposition they managed to show in decades last week to the government’s call of the Popular Army, is because they think the round ups will be done by Ethiopians. Their hatred is not with the system that is oppressing them, but with Ethiopians.

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