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Eritrea: Horn Africa’s Imploding Country

The aim of this article is just to give readers a rundown on the Eritrean people and it’s regime. The tiny Red Sea state of Eritrea is mentioned wherever and whenever there is chaos and crisis. Looking deeply into the long past of the country, we could easily identify the root causes of the problem.

Throughout history the Eritrean people are known for their servitude and coward character. During the era of their subjugation under Ras Alula ( a renowned African General, and administrator of Eritrea) they were praising the Ras and acted as vassals to him. Ras Alula was the last leader to administer the region with truth and justice. After the martyrdom of Emperor Yohannes IV, and the collapse of the Tigrean military power, Eritreans fell to the colonial rule of Italy.

During the colonial era they were maltreated and equated with dogs and donkeys, although they seem to enjoy the maltreatment meted out to them. They were banned from free movement around their own towns, and generally were important for their sanitary service. Women and men alike were hired for prostitution, a legacy that still is palpable in today’s Eritrea. No wonder why homosexuality is well tolerated and openly practiced in Eritrea.  The wicked Italian conquerors were also instrumental in advocating and forcing the prurient Eritrean ladies into pornographic acts, we all remember porn stars like ZA.

Italians, after encountering fierce rejection and resistance from the people of Tigray, they started to belittle the later. Fearing the Eritreans would also follow the footpath of their Tigrean masters, the Italians start to brainwash the entire population. Beggars and daily labourers were told they are a superior race who should be ruled by none less than a white man! They were also told they are the most evolved race in black Africa. And they believed and kissed the ass of their white masters. This has impinged significantly their way of thinking to this very day. The putative father of Eritrea, WeldeAb WeldeMariam and any higher official they could mention have their roots in Tigray. People often think why the Eritreans suffer from superiority complex, the answer is now self evident. Superiority complex is nothing but the manifestation of extreme degree of inferiority complex. Hence the relation between superiority and inferiority complex is not a tenuous one. It is one and the same. Six decade long white rule under subhuman conditions is to be blamed for all this. Italians managed to creat a tawdry people. Later they joined the military service of Italians for a paltry cents payment and were involved in wars against their Ethiopian masters, as if this could change the status quo. The colonial rule is long gone, but the mental makeup it has left in that land is booming. It left us an effluvium of a people. Today in Eritrea, the history of Italian colonisation is regarded as a national pride! No one can disabuse them of this insanity. History of colonialism is history of slavery and shame everywhere in the world except Eritrea. Instead of constructing buildings, they still wipe the edifice left by the fascist, alas what they were thought was to clean a street and not to build one.


The short lived British occupation has done nothing except dividing the people in tribal and religious lines, in addition to looting properties. It is during this time significant number of Eritreans voted under the UN observation to return the Italian colonisers. But they were outnumbered by those who sought federation with Ethiopia. The federation was a short lived one and Eritrea was annexed to Ethiopia. It was the Eritreans themselves who were instrumental in this unification process to gain some favours from the king. From that day on neither of us got peace.

When they came back, they came with pasta and ‘taught’ the Ethiopian people how to eat it.  They introduce an industrial scale culture of prostitution to the then God fearing naive people and country. Most of the prostitutes used to serve the Italian military.

Under the then Hailesllassie regime, their servile attitude made them to be the masters minion, and were allowed better education and job. This is in clear contrast with Tigray people who still refuse and oppose the emperor.

Ungrateful as they are by nature, they start attacking the empire and declared war of independence, which continued for three decades.

In early 1980s the Derg has launched a lightning campaign (Red Star) against the rebels. Shabiya was almost eliminated from the face of the earth, had it not been for the people of Tigray, who always are there in the time of need. The stunned Shabiya took it years to attempt any attack against the Derg. In fact during this time, they were preoccupied in killing each other and promiscuous behaviour that lady fighters were giving birth to children whose father they don’t know. It was only after they saw the gains achieved by TPLF, they start to come out of their trenches.

With attention of the dictator Mengistu turning towards the central part of Ethiopia after the hurricane advance of the EPRDF, Eritreans got a breathing space and were managed to enter Asmara.

With independence came identity crisis. People start to write faux history, to deny their past. This would result in a bloody war.

Independence for the Eritrean is nothing but change of flag’s colour. A life time dictator, Eritrea’s first and only president managed to establish the world’s nastiest tyranny. Soon after assuming power, the long time rebel leader started by assassinating fellow handicapped fighters, who merely asked for better life. The fledgling state of Eritrea, with its dross economy went to war with all it’s neighbours, gaining nothing but increasing isolation and crisis. No one can expect any good from a country with no democracy and a president who has rescinded the constitution.

The Ethio-Eritrean war was the best example. In an enigmatic turn of events, enjoined by the military might it thought to own,  deluded by the maniac grandiosity of the man, Eritrea waged war on Ethiopia. The war was the beginning of the end to this tiny nation. What has happened since then is a very sad story, Eritrea now entrenched as a problem whose name always pops up when there is trouble in the Horn of Africa. Supporting any terrorist group they think will destabilise Ethiopia. UN economic sanctions, one after the other has become the end result.

The legendary titanic Eritrean military crumbled and start to flee the border area leaving three fourth of the land to the marching Ethiopian army, led by martinet officers. The Eritreans had only time to immolate their wounded ones. Isaias soon went for a vehement criticism of his Ministers. He chastised them for their cowardice. Thousands are arrested without indictment. He resorted to tirade speeches, as if blaming Ethiopia has a cathartic release. The incubus leader is known nowadays for causing an affray.  Their officials harangued about the virtue of strategic withdrawal. It is their hapless soldier who had to pass through all this. The venerable Ethiopian leaders have tried to give chance for peaceful resolution without any blood shed. Ethiopian leaders showed laudable restraint from war, although finally they had to face the reality, after the aggressor has repudiated all the peace calls. We have secured our peace and sovereignty by the dauntless bravery of our military force. The war in addition to the peace it brought us, it also helped to chasten the dictator. All the post 1991 verve is now gone. The harridan Eritrean mothers were as culpable as the dictator himself in the destruction process. Now they have to face his saturnine temperament now and then. There is no scruples about who was the aggressor. Ethiopia has been vindicated by the EEBC.

In today’s Eritrea, No free press, no alternative media is allowed. The only media outlet is the macabre infested TV Eri.

Post war Eritrea has lost the supply of the unlimited assortment of viands from Ethiopia. Now there is nothing to slake the the throats of the cowardice. Encumbered by their misguided policy, they have no alternative other than remembering the halcyon days of the early 90s.

In a recent turn of the events the government has systematically pushed the Eritrean Muslim low landers and has tried to consolidate power by summoning Hamasen people. The arbitrary mass arrest of Muslims and associating them with terrorism and coupe d’état is a daily scenario. The big drift within the military is a presage of an inevitable collapse of the country. With tribes from the north and North-western regions continually pushed, arbitrarily arrested and killed, people live in dire fear for their lives.

The limitless conscription of youth in the military and free service has forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country. Ladies feeling a quotidian sexual harassment by their senior officers and people hopeless about their future life have made it a solution to abandon the nation, defying the shoot to kill policy of their government with out impunity. No where in the world they reach are treated as humans as they are in Ethiopia, but as they are endowed with boorish behaviour, they wouldn’t acknowledge it. Else where they are subjected for human trafficking and organ stealing. Reaching in Israel by itself is not a guarantee for people who resorted to panhandling and larceny, in addition to excessive homicide and violence. This made them the least desirable refuges everywhere.

Ethiopia is not a country to be mentioned in parallel with such idiots. It doesn’t have any obligation to bring light to the benighted people of Eritrea. And we should ignore all their asinine comments. Whenever they heard of any development in Ethiopia they ogle with hatred, livid with fear, and feel queasy. They want to see death and destruction in any country in the world, Eri TV is the evidence.  The recent vitriolic attacks against Ethiopia and in particularly Tigray is based here. They are abasing themselves more than anybody before the world. The kismet of such people with a degenerate idea is destruction, as this is the only condign punishment.


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