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Eritrea: Kill your own Brother!

One year after the tragedy of Lampedusa the misery and hardship of the Eritrean refugees all over the world seems unabated. Still horrendous news are making their way out of the lands they seem to step a foot. From the organ trafficking scandal in Sinai to the burning of their huts in Libya while they are sleeping in it, to the subhuman treatment they drew in Israel, all is sickening. The atrocity seem to follow them now to the heart of Germany. In a shameful act of resistant a group of fifteen Eritreans and their Pakistani brothers chained themselves by their necks to each other whilst occupying the DGB trade union building in Berlin, making multiple attempts to resist police from cutting their chains and evicting them. What happened next was most devastating and never seen in the developed world after slavery was abolished. They were forcefully dragged away from the building with some of them falling to the ground and collapsing. It was a bloody scene. The Germany police showed no mercy upon the revolting refugees but had to drag them like dogs.

The extent of anti-Eritrean sentiment in the west seems to reach its zenith. With hundreds crossing the EU borders every week, flocking like wild rats and inciting a street fight. This action might change the attitudes of some European countries towards the refugees. No one can demand right in an alien country, which he couldn’t get it in his home country.

By fleeing a country of oppression is not how humans fight tyranny. If these people are running for their life indefinitely, who else is going to grant them their freedom? I can’t imagine how people can think alike in the millions. Why shouldn’t they fight for their freedom as they did it for their secession? Or is the reason for their mass exodus out of Eritrea more of economical than political, as their government claims? The later is not unfounded allegation as only few Eritreans are seen to oppose the government they left behind. And this explains why they demand the current status of Eritrea to be the same forever. They don’t even take the guns with them while deserting their barricades, and they told us this is so because they still have a nationalistic feeling and they don’t want to rip Eritrea of its wealth. That is true, each gun they left behind is now being distributed to their elderly, ailing fathers and grandfathers. A political refugee’s demand can be met in neighbouring countries as well. Sudan and Ethiopia have opened their doors for the trekking Eritrean refugees for years now. But their trek never seem to stop until they reach the UK, Germany or USA. They are not even satisfied by countries like Italy. No one seem to be touched by the demise of his brethren.

The situation is not totally hopeless. There are few groups of youth who are trying their best in openly opposing the regime who is taking their country back to 19th century. Although their effort is not pacing in the required speed. They should act like a fire brigade if they are going to take the credit and save as large number of survivors as they could manage to save from the jaws of PFDJ. But if their voice is hypocrisy and they are only waiting for the regime to collapse by itself or after a war with a neighbouring country, it is disgusting.

Political analysts estimate the life expectancy of the current Eritrean government is not more than a year. But no one can guess how many lives will be lost even in that short time. Worse is no one can guess what absurd thing might happen if the government of Isaias come to an end with the demise of the leader. With young Christians of kebesa abandoning their villages disproportionately to the Muslim Lowlanders, the upcoming power struggle is not going to be as easy as the struggle for independence. The possession of arms by every citizen of the little drought stricken land doesn’t lessen the feared tragedy. It is time for every Eritrean to make peace with himself, to think out of the box, to try equating himself with other human beings and know who is the real enemy and who is friend in need! Temporary political skirmishes shouldn’t result in a permanent hatred between brothers and sisters. Acknowledging the existing desperate situation and fighting for its change, is not siding with the ‘enemy’.

In the struggle for human right and freedom you might be obliged to kill your own brother if he is defender of tyranny, guard of backwards or perpetuator of holocaust. Kill him for the betterment of your people and your country.

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