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Eritrea :The reneged promise

Eritrean refugee


In the last twenty five years we have witnessed myriads of groundbreaking phenomenon. World map has been redrawn, Cold War ended with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Africa’s bloodiest civil wars came to an end.

Decades long struggle for independence or popular revolutions against tyrants were completed successfully. Two new countries are added to the Horn of Africa while another one has become a failed state due to its misguided policies (though the two new countries are also following its footsteps).

The bloody civil war between the Ethiopian Central government and the ELF/EPLF came to an end giving rise to a new independent country in the horn. Much has been said about the independence of Eritrea. It was hailed as the future of Africa. The history of this land to the North of Mereb is full of deception, assassination, bloody wars and foreign aggression saga. All the prominent enemies of Ethiopia came through that frontier. Although none of them were able to subjugate its citizens.

Many hoped with independence will come development and prosperity, peace and normalization. But to the dismay of many, the country’s first and only president hijacked the revolution (Sewra) and used it to consolidate his power. EPLF, once again, has reneged on its promises.

EPLF’s miscalculated economic development plans, denial and/or rewriting of past history, and deep seated paranoia and aggressive behaviour have all contributed to the miscarriage of the hope.

Eritreans managed to create a country as deeply isolated and loathed by its neighbors as no other country in Africa.  All they could deliver this world, contrary to what they purported to be, is a pariah government with unsavory reputation, penchant for destabilizing its neighbors.

Endowed with exiguous resources, today Eritrea is paragon of a defiled land which has denied its past and living in a delusional confusion and identity crisis. Their polemic against Ethiopia is directed so as to forge a new identity.

What was previously salt exporter country, now it is known as world number one exporter of not gold but refugees.

With no constitution, no free judiciary system, no free press, quotidian arbitrary arrest and killings, the country is a big prison for its citizens.

Only few has prophesied that this country cannot stand alone economically. They were dismissed with furious criticism. But now things are self evident. It is unheard for a government to exile its citizens for the sake of getting remittances and 2% taxation as the major source of hard currency. A government complicit in human trafficking and organ trade of the very people it says it represent? A land abandoned by its citizens in thousands every month? How can it sustain itself? For all practical reasons this country has already failed!

Eritrea and its president are sources of shame for Africa. Every refugee camps are packed by refugees from this tiny police state. Camps full of scabies infested throng young people, unmarked grave yards in Lampedusa with no requiem for their souls , and prisons in Israel all tell the same story.

The only hope for every Eritrean is now the Ethiopian army. The event that brought this army in to the limestone is its past deeds in the 2000 war. Eritreans witnessed for themselves how a titanic trench can be dusted in just four days by driving them in to fluster. Strategic withdrawal? They pray day and night for the Ethiopian army to launch war and free their chained limbs. This is not shared by some sycophant schmuck cadres who are profiting from the ongoing misery. They want the status to continue as this grants them to give puerile excuses to seek asylum in Europe and America, hence their truculent behavior and perennial clamour.

I remember one elderly man telling the Colored eye grubby faced Eritreans who were being deported to their country back then. They were spitting, throwing ribald comments and insulting the bystanders. He told them “now you are going in high spirit, but you will come back scratching your bellies.”  Everybody laughed then but now when we witness their coming back with a contrite tone, it is touching. We don’t wish such a disaster to happen again to any people anywhere in the world.


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  1. kikikikikik ” The only hope to Eritrean people is the Ethiopian army” kikikikii U bastard , Italian slaves ; U were proud not to be an Ethiopian; U were proud of being colonized by Italy. So why do u hope Ethiopian army? We Ethiopians strive for development, but u always strive for the failurity of us. Kikikikiki we r developing. Look at the infrastructure, our military capability, our regional, african and worldwide acceptance. Now we are Influencing africa and we will influence the world. Go to hell

  2. perhaps! four of the members of the central government in Eritrea are closer to being Ethiopians rather than Eritreans, Esseays grand father Abraham was Ethipoian and Afewerki was born in Tigray and came at the age of 5 to Eritrea! Hagos kisha ‘head of EPLF Economics” is an Ethipoian by mother, Yemane (monkey) is a pure Ethiopian by both side! thus the dictatorial government that you are taunting belongs to Ethiopia!

  3. Deception!!! that is the only thing you greedy Ethiopians are good at, nevertheless you only have fooled Eritreans once @ history & that was back in 1952 with the act of federation nevertheless that end up in a bloody war that cost millions of the Ethiopian troops and hundred thousands of Eritrean civilians (it’s so shame that you had to take your wrath on Eritrean civilians) and what so ever it is that you have posted on this web, it is a verbal deception in attempt of abusing the current situation. we Eritrean have never needed Ethiopians to scratch our back and we won’t! just like ema said Eritrea was never part of Ethiopia, we were a sovereign nation in 1890! the greed of Ethiopian emperor with the obsessed need of a port to sea is the cause of every disastrous phenomena on the horn of Africa! we Eritrean never deny the truth, we surely are experiencing great obstacles, ‘dictatorial government, scattered people, out cast nation’ those are facts but just like ema said “the president, the refuges and the economic crisis” does not define Eritrea! you must learn the history of horn of Africa to know what is Eritrea and what’s so ever we Eritrean are proud of our identity, we are not Ethiopians slaves of imperial world and pa pet of U.S.A (the land who is ruled by the devil him self and so will the fate of Ethiopia will) you must care for you nation which is falling in the dark shadow of the Illuminati, rather taunting our graceful nation ‘Eritrea’. and dude frankly, is kavin hart your brother, the shit you spit “Ethiopian army as the only hope for Eritreans and stuff” this would make the funniest joke of my life. deki-hagerey don’t be fooled! we should bring down this treacherous government but we must do it on our own, other wise we will pay the same price we paid during the struggle for independence! it’s obvious that Esseyas and his followers make secret propaganda using this fact and are subjugating the mind set of Eritreans with the enthusiasm of revolutionary act for the property of Eritrea but remember we are Eritreans, we will for sure find solution! Jesus bless Eritrea, Allah bless Eritrea!

  4. dude what you talking about? hw old are you?you must be 23 or less …..you have been mislead by your gurdian their was no acountry called by name eriteria coz it was part of ethiopia or with your guardians terminology we were colonized you …shittttt where you get this 100 years independancy lier like father like son for your information almost half of ethiopiana diported from saudi was eriterian coz they have no country to return back then they burn their passport and claim their old identity but every body knew they are not ethiopian and those in isreal all have the right to live their coz they are flasha …..you got me jungel fever……..

  5. ema!!!! why you cry?; we ethiopian are not happy with all happening in your country eriteria. you ppl their you need to love your country more, than hating and blaming ethiopia have you seen the sentence ” i remember one elderly man telling the Colored eye grubby faced Eritreans who were being deported to their country back then. They were spitting, throwing ribald comments and insulting the bystanders. He told them “now you are going in high spirit, but you will come back scratching your bellies.” Everybody laughed then but now when we witness their coming back with a contrite tone, it is touching. We don’t wish such a disaster to happen again to any people anywhere in the world”.

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