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Last week we have read on one of the web journals about the proposal submitted by Somaliland and Puntland to be part of Ethiopia. What are the pros and cons of this proposal, specially if it comes true?

It is the day to day wish of every Pan Africanist to see a united, stable and strong Africa. Unification of Africa can be achieved by a regional unification of member states. Whether this process should be a slow process evolving from economic integrity then political unity or a one go over the night marriage deserves much scrutiny. If countries unite in the ground of mutual benefit and understanding it is for the benefit of the citizens. In countries like Ethiopia such unification with neighbouring countries is not an easy question. Is it legal to integrate a breakaway nations in to our territories? Specially in an era when the dust from Crimea has not yet settled?

One may see the free access to the sea as an encouraging motivator, but we have to think out of the box. These two territories although democratic, stable and peaceful compared to the Southern Somalia, they don’t have international recognition as sovereign nations. This might evoke the old rhetoric that Ethiopia was working to disintegrate Somalia and incorporate its territories, which is a total farce. What Ethiopia dreams and works is in the creation of stable region because no country could be stable if surrounded by failing and imploding countries.

Napoleon Bonaparte concord Europe and was able to expand France’s territory, but when he was ousted he had created a smaller France than he originally got. Adding more territories sometimes costs a country what has been its own. We rather boast the good brotherly neighbourhood with these two countries instead of unification at this time. Lets pave the way for that to happen .

The question of free access to the sea shouldn’t push us in to unintended marriage. It is a matter of couple of years now to get once more our right to the port. Forging federation with Djibouti is to me more sound than with Somalia currently.

Supporting the cause of the Red Sea Afars is also another option to be seconded. The people of Afar shouldn’t be denied of their demand to live with their mother country Ethiopia.

But the most important thing is we have to be united inside. All the separatist moves of some factions should be extinguished. People of Ethiopia should live in harmony, mutual respect and love. No region in Ethiopia is less important to the strength of the nation. The notion that my region is giving more to the country so I should secede doesn’t hold water. Every region of Ethiopia has shed blood for the sovereignty of the country. What the government of Ethiopia should be working more is in equalising the growth of all the regions.  The fact that some regions are near to the capital or the port shouldn’t skewed the economic growth of the regions. Investors might prefer the most profitable business but government should focus in equalising the opportunities. Each region should feel the existence of the other region is as important as its own. Once we create this attitude, let alone Somaliland and Puntland, all the other IGAD countries will ask the same question.

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  1. This so called professor he can write all the nonsense he wants. No region of Somalia never Join Ethiopia as long as single Somali is alive.

  2. Somali Patriotic Front

    This just shows how disloyal, traitor and snitch you Eeyduurs – Idoors are!!! worthless piece of shit, son af a British slave. Your forefathers were traitors since the begin of history, you became slaves for the british colonialists, and a snitch who was telling your masters the movement of the glorious heros and lion warriors who kept the colonialists dogs at bay for 21 good years. Once a slave Always a slave, you stupid Idoor traitors. You are not patriots, you have no value whatsoever to us, you can migrate to Ethiopia, but the land belongs to Somalia, and Somalis. No 1cm of it will be part of Ethiopia. I am sure 100% we will destroy you like Sri Lanka destroyed Tamil Tigers, it is just matter of time before we annihilate you sub-human slaves of the British and traitors to the great Somali nation and people. Do you think you will add any value to be part of Ethiopia? Not all you will betray them too, for you have no principle and sense of patrioticship. Death to all traitors, VIVA THE GREAT PEOPLE OF SOMALIA, GOD BLESS SOMALIA faithfull we remain to our great nation under any circumstance.

    • you hate filled liar. i think you didn’t read the report or you are overwhelmed by the hate and scum you have in mind. Isaaq is and will never join to any other country. they opt for their independence since colonial. you forget or denied that people of somaliland were not colonized practically and were just protectorate. you set restrictions to British colony. i have serious question for you here. why you overlook puntland since the report referred both equality?

  3. still ethiopia remembered 1977 unforgotable victory so the somali heroe are still in somalia .if you are saying we are arranging forced unification. we are ready for there is good example of somali teritory in ethiopia. are they happy with ehiopian so dont make the game worst to say such unification

  4. However, those who though Somalia regions to be part of Ethiopia have their self-interests but represent no one of Somalis they will be accountable for that evil and be executed as they worth useless, they will be in bad history for ever we know them don’t think they will be forgotten. You are examples of our enemy let us tell them “so go to Ethiopia if you like them”. Believe me no one of us likes to join Ethiopia.

  5. Somali Patriotic Front

    I got nothing against Ethiopia as a person, but there is no one single day as the patriots of Somalia will allow Ethiopia to take even 1 cam of Somalia. Ethiopia they are our neighbours, we ought to live in peace and respect each other as fellow horn Africans who each respect each others sovereignty. As far as the EPRDF or ruling party concerns, it was Somalis who supported TPLF, I remember Meles Zenawi to be in Moadisho’s Jubba Hotel during the glorious days as guest of honour, we granted him our passport, armed their soldiers, if they bite us today, and pay us back in unthankfull manner, we Somalis are masters of survival, we have defeated four major Biritish invasions, we would be never colonized nation if they never used airoplanes against us at 1921 after we defeated them completley on the ground. I warn EPRDF to watch your steps, to not fall for this trap, which will mean your demise. Somalis supported you, and we hope you will support us back, if not is up to what happens we will unte with Ethiopian opposition and attack you at the same time, untill we will make sure you run to Sudan desert with your tail between your legs, and give to Ethiopia to those who respect soverereignty of neighbouring countries.

  6. Abdillahi Mohamed Jama

    the people thinking that puntland and somaliland will be apart of ethopia must Know that there are great leaders in puntland and somaliland those are now under ground and will not allow this idea.
    this leaders will come one day on power and will unite all parts of somalia and will also show the somalians the thing they want.
    on the other hand those are taking about hawiye , darood , isaq for get about that if you want to be the position you want.


  7. Your enemy is your enemy .I mean ethiopia and kenya are the first enemies of somalia and somalis .it is really shocking to hear somalis uniting with ethipia ,their enemy. Hello to all somalis from Nfd,Ogaden,somaliland,Puntland and south somalia please forgive each other and do not share your happiness , the one who wants to seperate you and ua people .lets accept each other instead of uniting with enemies :Ethiopia and kenya and those ones who are feeding them .I think every somali knows that these two enemies arr not alone .they are serving 4 general idea

  8. All fantasy aside AU Charter on maintain the integrity of colonial borders as they were at point of Independence from the colonials is not likely to allow the dreams or aspirations of expansionists regardless of who they maybe.

    Somaliland Republic Gained it’s independence at the end of the Protectorate agreement with Britain 26-Jun-1960.

    The only real issue awaiting the UN, AU and Igad is honoring AU charter of State borders and Integrity of the AU laws. Somaliland Republic does not need to be part of any other nation or state and anyone who says otherwise is ill informed.

    Somalia-Italia that gained it’s independence from their Italian colonizer are more then welcome to be recolonized by Ethiopia, Kenya and Amisom Members since they have no pride or honor it is they who will be willing to sell their souls to the devil for a slice of bread.

    It is not possible to even entertain dividing Somalia-Italia and allowing Puntland-Province anything more then local governance within the statehood of Somalia-Italia. The only question remaining is since the 1960 Union between two independent states namely Somaliland and Somalia to form the Somali-Republic have failed at Union will Somalia-Italia ever be ready to refocus it’s resources on it’s own state post-union and then begin the long process of addressing the lack of international demarcation between Ethiopia and Somalia-Italia.

    In all honesty if Somaliland-Republic gains recognition on it’s former British-Somaliland territorial borders what remains of the 1960 Somali-Union, somalia-Italia that gained independence from Italy 1-July-1960 has no internationally recognized demarcation on it’s border with Ethiopia. What is stopping Ethiopia claiming it’s territory stretches till the indian ocean?

    Let us separate Fantasy, Fiction and Fairy tales Ethiopia already had boots in Muuqdisho and Somalia-Italia and we all now Kenya is there for self interest why should Ethiopia shy away from it’s interests??? what is Ethiopia waiting for? till Somalia-Italia has a Army and wealth to fund ONLF?

    • First, there are no such a countries called somali-Italian or Simaliland. There is only Somalia, a member nation of IGAD, AU and Unite Nation. Somaliland and Puntland are regianal governments under Federal Republic of Somalia… The rest of the stuff he said is just bluh blah bluh and lots of BS.

      Ethiopia respects the Somali territorial integrityand will except such an idea of separatist as Isaaq Hippocrates and greedy..

      • Somaliland-republic independence 26-Jun-1960 [British protectorate from 1884].

        Somalia-Federal-republic independence 01-Jul-1960 [Italia colony from 1925].

        Somali-Republic was a Union of Two independent states. Unions are formed by equals, if one denies there was a Union in 1960 between two independent states then they also deny there exists a Union at all. You decide which is it?

        1. Somaliland-Republic has the right to become a member of a Union and also cancel that membership as it has done in 18-May-1991.

        2. Somalia-Italia-federation is a non entity with de-jure recognition however will never have de-facto status over any territory for the foreseeable future.

        3. Somaliland-republic does not claim any territory outside it’s sovereign territory established 1884.

        4. Somalia-Italia-Federation however claims territory outside it’s sovereign territory establish in 1925.

        5. If this is the case then Kenya should rightly claim the Jubaland territory which the British sold to the Italians in 1925. If they do then there would no longer be a dispute over marine demarcation in the Indian ocean and Kenya would own anything south of Kismanyo.

        6. Somalia-Italia-Federation can claim the moon for all i care, the reality is it will never have the stability to control it’s own “State” let alone another.

        I believe the political ambitions of the people of Somalia-Italia-Federation are counter productive to peace creation and the development of the horn of Africa. Somalia-Italia’s claims and desires are not rooted in goodwill nor beneficial to anyone. I can understand one country offering development and progress to another, however somalia-Italia’s entire claims are for political sabotage. Somalia-Italia’s politicians, fundamentalist terrorist Sheikh Sharif who later became president and the entire shabab leadership all have history ties with Asmara. why? Sabotage Ethiopia and Djibouti enemies of Asmara. Now they are in territorial conflicts with Kenya.

        There is one enemy of the Horn of Africa and that is Somalia-Italia and it’s people’s mind set. Which other country in the Horn is claiming the territory of other countries??? None.

        The Place needs to be nuked or injected with Ebola.

  9. I was lookin for a way to fight a with Ethiopians it’s my biggest chance that I was waiting for I’m ready and I promise I will capture Adis ababa and it’s the thing that Somalia can united even if Somali saying we want united EthioMalia means no they jus mad cause what happening in Somalia end of history I believe we will run Ethiopia end of the day we don’t scare to die we fight we kill each other if we resolve our problem we will rape Kenya and Ethiopia we will stood up

  10. EthioMalia is good idea to send all IIDOORs and Daarood to the gates of hell, until they convert to Christianity or else die. They are many Wahabists living in Puntland and Somaliland too. Majority of Alshabab are ethenically and tribally are Daarood and Dir. Forget about these snakes. Southern had always been with the colonialists Italy, Ethiopia, and Portuguese. These two region people need to be sent to re-education camps before they are assimilated completely into Greater Abbyssinia. The map of Ethiopia should only be in so called Ethiopia now, but it is supposed be shaded under its shadow by all the dark race. This is rightful legible to do, it is in the Bible that Ethiopia was called all Africa, not mini -so called sovereignty nations Horn of Africa. I even need to invade Arabia like we, Habash Race did in the past before Christ or Mohamed were born.

    • your’re not diffidently Somali person coz we they way you speak about fellow somalis your are fucking Amharies. the only and the one enemy I have in this world. So Don’t make us hate each other. Fucking Amharies you did enough to us. Stop your bulshiit. you mother fucker. son of bitch.
      Somalis We will be united soon and we will be stronger than we ever before.

  11. Let me paraphrase what you write mate:
    “Supporting the cause of the Red Sea Afars is also another option to be seconded. The people of Afar shouldn’t be denied of their demand to live with their mother country Ethiopia”
    If that is what you think is right why don’t you allow the millions of Somalis in Ogaden to join their brothers in Somalia. Your way of choosing and picking what you need may open a Pandora box mate.

  12. It will be the WAR i am waiting all my live believe me,
    we will defiantly invade adis ababa and Somali problem will END,


  13. finally all ( FARADHEER AND LABAGOODLE ) they thinking going back original name. what is wasted …… ilaahow caqliga hana qaadin hadaad wax raaceysaan raaca kuwa hantida leh…….

    • reer xamar u are always behave like animals what do u mean (kuwa hantida leh raaca) nacala nacaskaad tahay kuyaal waxaasi waa waxan idinka horumari la’nahay in dalka la’idinka saaro baa haboon dulli yahow aan wadaninimadu waxay tahay aan garanayn

  14. finally all ( FARADHEER AND LABAGOODLE ) they thinking going back original name. what is wasted ……

  15. SSDF iyo SNM waxba kama xaaraansana,saw maaha kuwii Amxaarada u soo horseeday Somalia.

  16. somali territory has own somalian,
    war hooy somaliya somali baa leh,
    doqomiinta dhahaayo itoobiya wax la qeyb saneenaa, ilmihiina la gumeesan doonaa, sida hada heesato somali galbeed oo hada ka hor sidaan dheheen awoowayaashooda iyakoo dantooda qaaska fiirsanaayaan….

  17. Question it’s who don’t like each other answer I believe it’s somalian and biggest problems in right now is hassan sheikh mohamud and his people and every body knows they don’t like puntland people so I respect the decision of puntland government we still remember 1991 what was happening it’s clear agenda of mentality of President hassan

    • wat da hell r u talking about nigga.”i respect the decision” wat decision r u talkin about mother fucker. the one u want to be part of amxaaro.



    • That is mission impossible …. Ogaden will be again part of Somalia … forget about Puntland and Somali land which will ever Geat Somalia

  19. This cannot be happen, Puntland and Somaliland are part and parcel in the great Somalia, whatever problem we have we cannot sell our lands and we don’t want to sell, war and conflicts its what destroyed Africa and made it lagging behind.

    Ethiopia must respect Somalia, and Somalia must respect Ethiopia, if not war and conflicts will continue, I am a man who is patriotic loves his land and people, I know how to respect others and also I know how to defend his rights and his country, I fight for my country Somalia no am not accepting any dividing of my country.

    Shame on you those who are not patriotic.

  20. We cant we wait hawiye for another 25 years puntland has right to unite with Ethiopia and jubbaland must unite with Kenya.

    • To Jubbalander,
      Don’t you yet feel the inferiority of living under the oppression whether it is in Ethiopia or in Kenya? Are you still recommend to your brothers and sisters who live with their fellow citizens in their own country with freedom, despite of the problem of civil war, to join with you and live under severe circumstances? I would say to you think before you ACT. Think again and notice carefully if you live in Kenya or in Ethiopia with prosperous life and freedom of doing what you want respectfully or are you facing alienated or feeling that you are not where you are supposed to be? If you have grievances with your dear brothers in Mogadishu or southern Somalia, you have to come up with an encouragement to talk with them, however, don’t forget about what had happened to the people you are complaining about before 1991. I mean don’t just talk about after 1991. Surely, if Somalis come together on the table for peace and negotiations, they end up reaching an agreement, helping each other and forgiveness of what had occurred in the past and go hand in hand by forgetting in the past.

      Don’t take a decision that you are going to regret in the foreseeable future. Somalia is going to be ONE, peaceful and prosperous and going together in one direction. Allow sahal amuuraha,,,,,,,,,,

      • Khaatumo Patriotic Front1

        Ayaanle00 Well said brother. You are very patriotic indeed. My forefathers were on horseback to defend the dignity of this great nation of ours Somalia, and we will defend it to the last man. No matter what those shallow minded and slavery lovers say. Somali soil belongs to Somali people in general no one stupid group can divide it never ever. If you want to be part of Ethiopia leave Somalia simple as that. Somalis Patriotic warriors will unite to defend our Holly and golorious land. VIVA Somalia, God Bless Somalia.

        • The Mad Mullah was a terrorist in his day, he murdered a British man by pushing him off a cliff when he was not looking. How can you worship such a terrorist.

          This mad Mullah caused wars where ever he went he skinned Dhilobaahanti clan when they did not commit crimes for him, he married every women he saw among the Dhilobaanhanti clan like property. After he died his eldest Son was the main opponent against an independent somalia-etho-region. The same people who are today ONLF are also the same people that Ina Eliy hails from.

          If those are your heroes and saints and leaders and those are nationalistic and patriotic in your view muahahaha.

          In 1977 the Ogadeen clan was paid money not to fight to liberate their lands, these are the people of the Mad mullah, they are your heroes???

          hahahaha your pain in live is entertainment.

          • Khaatumo Patriotic Front

            That is the name which your masters the British used to call anyone who refused to become a slave. Of all the Eeyduur – aka idoor – aka guntii ingiriis gumeeyay oo gumeystay that I have come across, there is sheer feeling of insecurity, inferiority complex, humiliation and disgrace of what their grandfathers left to them, which is the former slaves of the British colony. Therefore no doubt, you will try all possible means to create all kind of fake accusation against the Legendary, lion Darwiish warriors, who kept the british monkies at bay, untill they became the first African nation to be bombarded from their air, at 1921, the second nation to be bomarded from the air was Ethiopia in 1935, by Italians after they were defeated at the battle of Adwa. So, for the forefathers, of yours to look not so unworthy slaves, you have to make the concept of Freedom fighters to be bad compared to slavery of colonization, and that is exactly what every Eyduur son of a slave is doing today. God Bless the Glorious lion warriors who fought for our nation, God Bless Somalia and doom the slaves of the British who want to destroy this country.

  21. Somaliland is an independent country with no international recognition and I have no problem with that. Somaliland will always have a close relationship with Ethiopian goverment and its people as we share borders and commerce. We intermarriage each other. My parents were born in Ji-Jiga and got married at Wajale or better known as “Tog Wajale” and fled to British Somaliland end of 1950’s. I was born and raised in Hargeisa, Somaliland in 1976. We Somalilanders are no longer part of Southern Somalia

  22. i am really sorry to hear about that coz look ethiopia is bigest enemy we have around this continent somaliland and puntland they cann’t decide to be part of ethiopia ‘ when we are somalian we still trying to bring back our teritory of somali reserved area and ethiopia we are telling them to be friendly and neighberhood coz we live as continent and we have border we can share economicaly but not teritory when ever somalian wake up and they know that ethiopia still looking our teritory ethiopia will regret aswire to god and they will never forget what we did them if they don’t stop fishing and separating our teritory and population////////////////////// i born reserved area really i went ethiopia addis ababa the civilian will tell you here is not mugadishu go back somalian are bigest economy source coz they pay taxesion and the goverment benefity them to stay in ethiopia but allectral people who didn’t study nothing believes that somalian are enemy really wild i was in addis abab it was sad history and i remove from my life and for ever

  23. It was already clear that Puntland was intending to be part of Ethiopia to be the new Habashis. But I dont think that Somali land will do the same. Somaliland are patriots and they will never be habashis like Majeerteenis do want

  24. This is a fake porposal all Eithopians have dream to get seaport and it will never happen while one Somali alive am sorry we don’t hate Africans

  25. Loool Ethiomalia that’s a funny name! I don’t think somalis from puntland and somaliland would ever think of being part of ethiopia.

  26. Let’s start small with theses three then we can move on to bigger ones. And this may take hears…

  27. It is great idea having a united countries of Ethiopia, Somaliland and Puntland. I have heard this issue some thing like ten years ago. However political unity with out the preconditions like economic and emotional unity is some thing that could backfire, I suggest lets have a free economic zone, let’s have military pacts, let’s have a free movement of labor and capital between these three, lets have a common security and intelligence organizations… in general let us create a strong binding force between the people of these three and then the political unity will come by default. It may start with having a common currency, free tariff zone, common fiscal policy, a common visa (passport), and let us have infrastructures developed between these (road, railways, electric power, telecom….); we can implement this at this stage and when these efforts work at full force then we know we are a step away from the political unity.

  28. A day Somalia become half of Ethiopia
    Because Somalis aren’t needs to get peace and security are living together

  29. I think you are born after two nation history,in this century wold become unity and you talking nothing putland and Somaliland both are part of great Somalia plz do not divide my blood nation Somalia

  30. i think this is nightmare or what we call dream and unreal proposal.first you have to ask question about the unification of somaliland and puntland with ethiopia.what is benefits and advantage that they share . also somaliland and puntland are part of somalia .they cannt decide to their unification.also there is no wish in somaliland and punt land to unify with ethiopia.

    • Somalia-Italia has no legal jurisdiction over Somaliland-Republic, they were equal partners in the 1960 Two-state Union. Union failed and was dissolved in 1991 following the death of Dictator Siyad barre with his face down in a Nigerian toilet.

      This is how it should be:

      Kenya Takes Jubaland.
      Ethiopia takes South central.
      Somaliland Takes Bari and Nugaal.

      I think this is a better proposal since Somalia-Italia is divided between three different countries it will be difficult for them to fight all three countries for the next 1000 years.

      – Win Kenya gets it Maritime territory
      – Win Ethiopia get Sea port
      – Win Somaliland gets recognition.

      Everyone is happy.

  31. I think it is a good idea on both side side but ethiopian govt will not go for it because it needs to be friend both southren somalia and solve governing state like puntland.this move could make ethiopian govt to be seen under suspension by in the region.generally abig gain by ethiopia .and big loose for ONLF and all libration movements

  32. first somaliland and puntland are not countries that have legality to administer their right as a sovereign nations, states have no authority to design the foreign affairs of Somalia, that is the reality of intergovernmental deals. second it is true that forced marriage would not bring lasting solution in east Africa where we know the historic moments we had. pan africanism is pretty idea but not be started from the political files. first let us do economic integration, social reintegration, free trade movements and also common agenda for the development of east African nations. However, it seems that years are ahead to tap all these realities. Many thanks,

  33. It is really amazing if some Somallia regions are proposing Ethiopia for marriage expedition. I am not rulling out the possibility that apply for unification with Ethiopia but i am asking – What makes them do that? What is the motive?

  34. Really this article is true I had information before this article that ethopia wants to unite sonaliland and ethopia first and then
    Go to next step which is south somalia and so on until africa will be united and that is positive attitude and I really appreciate to mr agazi and my friend abdirahman

  35. its fake proposal Somali country is really include west Somali region which is currently become interdependent as soon as possible Ethiopian had must consider the great Somali were declared.
    best regards

  36. if its correct article written by this author what are the impacts and reflects if two regions of small country are cutting then called for unity in another country?

  37. I really appreciate Dr. Agazi G. for this marvelous article. I am also grateful to him for his wish regarding the brotherhood of Ethiopia and Somaliland. I commend on him that he hit the point when he said “Each region should feel the existence of the other region is as important as its own. Once we create this attitude, let alone Somaliland and Puntland, all the other IGAD countries will ask the same question.” It is absolutely right, and I personally have a dream that one day we will reach our aim of United States of Africa.

    Hence, I would appreciate if Dr. Agazi or Amoraview team would share with me the proposal that Somaliland and Puntland submitted to Ethiopia in order to study and analyze more deeply.

    Thanks very much.

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