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Ethiopia: Don’t let the U.S. rescue Eritrea

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While many of us wondering if Isaias would hold on for the next three or four years, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. arrived just on time for the rescue. And they seem doing everything to impress Eritrea. Btw I did not forget about Egypt.

In the past few weeks,  reports that are cycling and refugee free, news on Eritrea, has been tossing around the internet.

So what’s new in Eritrea?Eritrea is still under the same dictatorship:the same  guy (Isaias), the same party (shabia) and business as usual. What has changed that I do not know about? what happened to the report released by the  UN commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea? well I may not have the specific answers to these questions however, something thing is fishy.And it should concern Ethiopia. Ethiopia must act now, while Eritrea still cuddling with uncertainty and dilemma who to sleep with.

Historically the U.S. favors Eritrea more than Ethiopia. The only source of conflict  that  these two nations  had nothing more than the implosive Eritrean leadership style. Had Isaias calm-down, sat and discussed his concern with the U.S. , definitely Eritrea wouldn’t waste all those years alone, in the cold as some of its hired lobbyist try to call it. On top of that, Ethiopia’s excellent diplomacy with the entire world especially with China,  remarkable victory of the  war on terror, being one of the fastest growing economy in the entire world, has put Ethiopia on the eyes of the U.S. more than it used to be. But the situation can change any minute. It is not much different from a fake marriage between a beautiful young  woman , who is in it for the money and an elderly rich man.

In fact I am seeing some early warning signs of the U.S. is about to renew its relationship with Eritrea.

  • The United states concerned By the Clashes in Oromia, Ethiopia“We urge the government of Ethiopia to permit peaceful protest and commit to a constructive dialogue to address legitimate grievances.” This statement is strong by it self but, it can change into something like: regime change, depending on the how likely the the unrest will continue.
  • After Wendy Sherman’s statement on Ginbot 7,  followed by President Obama visit to Ethiopia, noisy diaspora have unusually been quiet. Now all the sadden, they are not just hyperactive but intensified  their disinformation.
  • Elias kifle of Ethiopian review, the notorious Ex  Shabian foot-soldier’s favorite, is back spraying his venom after months of absence. There must be a reason why he was quiet for such long period of time and why he is back at it, once again.

Ethiopia can not prescribe which countries the U.S. should befriended with nor blame for renewing relationship with Eritrea. The U.S. has its own national interest. Let alone Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, a nation where  people’s head chopped off for minor crimes; a nation where it was illegal for women to drive a car or run for municipal office, till recently, has been an ally of the U.S.

So what can Ethiopia do right now? Do not let the U.S. rescue the dying regime in Eritrea. Take out Shabia now,  before the U.S. begin speaking Tigrigna, on behalf of its new ally; Eritrea.


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