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Forget “TemeTatagn Ermija” use Lethal Force against Shabia: now

Until recently I was an obstinate supporter of the no war no peace  strategy towards Eritrea, because it was working. Now I am 100% on the other side of the fence, for the very simple reason and that is, it no longer works.
Eritrean leaders have done nothing to their nation for the previous two decades! Each penny they had invested on countless anti Ethiopian elements. Unfortunately we have Ethiopians who can do anything for their belly, during a broad day light!
Eritrea has effectively created and  overseen media in Amharic & Oromo  (ESAT, OMN TV) radio, websites, Twitter, Facebook pages and others to spread apprehension, hate and deception among Ethiopians. Eritrean leaders seem to understand more of  the role of media than the EPRDF leaders!
Eritrea was not able to initiate unrest in Ethiopia so far, however, they have been hijacking several protests at different times. The Eritreans know, one day they will successfully dismantle Ethiopia without shooting a single bullet as long as Shabian leaders are alive and we Ethiopians are doing nothing as if nothing is happening.

As of now, doing nothing is the terrible thing for Ethiopia’s future!! Take action against Eritrea. Disregard the “temetatgn Ermija” take full action. Well I am not expert on international laws. I don’t think there is a genuine one either. If there is, it was crafted and intended to serve the powerful nations. We should not overlook the  unlawful arms embargo we had  in the 1998 war.
As I said earlier, I am clueless when it comes the international law but I  have a common sense. If shabia  can BREAK  every international laws for the last two decades, why not Ethiopia bend them for days or weeks, to protect its citizen?

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