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Terrorised terrorist: Post Andargachew EPLF

It is impressive to see things change so fast. No where is this more true than in the Horn of Africa. After the EPLF has assumed power in Asmara, all it archived in two decades in that country is death and destruction. Instead of making history, they live in the past praising their colonisers day in day out. Blaming Ethiopia and USA won’t quench the development thirsted people. EPLF is, yes, enemy of Ethiopia but primarily it is enemy of Eritreans.
Instead of expanding education it has closed the only university, instead of factories it has mushroomed the country with prisons, instead of rerun of migrants people are fleeing the state in hundreds of thousands. This is the legacy of PFDJ.
After the crash of the once ‘mighty’ army of EPLF in the two year long war with Ethiopia, the mafia group in Asmara is living in a utter terror. Every movement of Ethiopian army or any press release is a source of nightmare for the hoodlums.
Once upon a time the EPLF hooligans were known for their extreme love of war, this is even manifested in some of their songs. But, alas, they were given a lesson once and for all. They have seen their Warsay-Yika’alo fleeing the front in a marathon race, leaving behind its dead, wounded and of course it’s land. EPLF was obliged to construct/renew roads taking back to Nakfa, as a last resort. The Algiers agreement came and the junta was saved from a total extinction.
Although this has given them a lesson not to invade any sovereign country again, it failed to teach them even assisting terrorists can fire back. There is no stone unturned by the EPLF junta to destabilise Ethiopia. The ruffian group in Asmara has travelled miles to unsettle the elected Ethiopian government. But neither Somalia nor Egypt could make their dream come true.
No wonder why EPLF is deeply dismayed by the anti terror law in Ethiopia. The law multiplies every effort of Shabiya by zero. After the arrests of Andargachew Tsige the EPLF hoodlum is in a heart attack. Following the arrest of the Trojan horse a number of opposition party members has followed him to the correction centre. He was blurting about everything when presented on the TV. We don’t know yet what his laptop computer and memory sticks are storing with regard to his EPLF masters. But one thing is clear, it has endowed the security guys in Addis with ample information and evidence as to the direct link between the two.
Following his detention in Sanaa, the uproar from Asmara was unprecedented. To their horror the premier of Ethiopia also suggested about the possibly of actions against them. Had this been two decades ago we would have observed ululating mothers and dancing youngsters in the streets of Asmara but today things are upside down.
The extreme fear and terror of the junta is not unfounded though. With an army in its nadir moral to go to war, after the apocalyptic border war, lugging economy and harsh living conditions, the first sound of the bullet will be the end. If soldiers are being watched 24/7 not to flee to Ethiopia in time of peace, what will be done when they are free to run ahead during the battle?
Enough is enough. Ethiopia has endured all the nasty works of Shabiya for decades now it is time to crash it and eliminate it once and for all. Today is the day to finish the assignment, the Ethiopian government shouldn’t pass this opportunity in remiss. All the odds are against the mad dogs right now. An army of octogenarians and underage teens won’t stand in the path of Agazi. Only the Ethiopian army can do this job and it’s time to cure them from their colonial inherited inferiority complex.


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  1. Hiiiiiiii my dear

    First of all I want to know your identity.next if you are Eritrean you have to now what challenges we had passed and how much people have been did in war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.I think you can not forget this thing.Another thing if Haylemariam (Ethiopia ) wants to attack Eritrea it is for his interest not for you.They are sick of our ports specially Aseb. so they are straggling for them selves not for you.As we know all our people most of the youngsters are migrating in all of the world leaving their families and homes back and passing a lot of challenges to reach their destiny and many had did in Sahara ,sea and sina so.the main problem here is the administration in our country is tough.My dear what i explain for you, you know it well. So if you want to revolt, don’t expect forien force to come and attack your blessed country and give your rights,instead you try to solve the problem your self because Eritrea belongs to Eritreans not to Ethiopia or America.Eritrea is not for foreigners it is for as and we are for our country, My dear don’t become mad, think over it twice.thank you.

    • no one need your ports, ports are commodities that you can by it from Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia. we were buying you ports post the war. this old Mentality. but free your country from the madness of issayas.

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