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‘The Greater Tigray’ Saga

For years we have been bombarded by complaints from the chauvinist camps of some Eritrean elites and narrow minded Ethiopian opposition members about the TPLF’s …

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The curse of having Eritrea as a neighbor

No where did Ethiopians shed more blood than in Eritrea. No country has a deep rooted hatred to Ethiopia and Ethiopians than Eritrea. Our progress has been stalled only because of the half-a-century-long madness and hysteria tied with Eritrea.

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In unexpectedly fast turn of events more countries are showing their willingness to join and be unified with Ethiopia. We have heard or read the proposal submitted by Somali-land to the U.S. Showing their interest to join Ethiopia couple of months ago. Now the turn seems that of Djibouti.

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Anti development journalists

As there are developmental journalists (DJ), Ethiopia is also ‘blessed’ with the existence of anti development journalists. Yes, they are journalists, if writing on journals …

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