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Eritrea :The reneged promise

The bloody civil war between the Ethiopian Central government and the ELF/EPLF came to an end giving rise to a new independent country in the horn. Much has been said about the independence of Eritrea. It was hailed as the future of Africa. The history of this land to the North of Mereb is full of deception, assassination, bloody wars and foreign aggression saga. All the prominent enemies of Ethiopia came through that frontier. Although none of them were able to subjugate its citizens.

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Eritrea: Horn Africa’s Imploding Country

Throughout history the Eritrean people are known for their servitude and coward character. During the era of their subjugation under Ras Alula ( a renowned African General, and administrator of Eritrea) they were praising the Ras and acted as vassals to him. Ras Alula was the last leader to administer the region with truth and justice. After the martyrdom of Emperor Yohannes IV, and the collapse of the Tigrean military power, Eritreans fell to the colonial rule of Italy.

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