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Dr. Berhanu Nega arrives in Washington and here is why

neamin zeleqe

Berhanu, ginbot 7, Arbegnoch and others will never see Addis Ababa let alone Arat kilo; unless they quit betraying their nation, apologize the Ethiopian people and ask for mercy. These gatherings have never been a danger nor can be later on. These individuals have families to deal with; month to month bills to pay and some don’t even have a real employment.Politics for these particular interest is not just politics. It is a means of living.

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Egypt plays the “Badme” game

Renaissance Dam

Egypt depends on the Nile 100% does not mean the Nile belongs to Egypt. Egypt was successful in securing its water needs for centuries is not to say, it will continue indefinitely. If you don't own it, it is not yours. Egypt can not hold Ethiopia hostage forever. That's the 21st-century reality Egypt should face.

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Ethiopia: Don’t let the U.S. rescue Eritrea

obama isayas

So what's new in Eritrea?Eritrea is still under the same dictatorship:the same guy (Isaias), the same party (shabia) and business as usual. What has changed that I do not know about? what happened to the report released by the UN commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea? well I may not have the specific answers to these questions however, something thing is fishy.And it should concern Ethiopia. Ethiopia must act now, while Eritrea still cuddling with uncertainty and dilemma who to sleep with.

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The Ethiopia-Eritrean case:No war no peace just expired

source of image Testtubeher?

Shabia has to go. Isaias has to go, now! of course we have millions in need of food aid, but the fact of the matter is, Eritrea and the newly arrived allies wont hold up till we are able to feed our people.In any case , recall the the benefit of "No war No peace" has just expired.

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