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Libya: Egyptian troops launch ground attack in Isis-held Derna ‘capturing 55

Egyptian special forces have allegedly launched a ground attack in Libya's Islamic State-held Derna capturing dozens of Islamist militants, according to Egyptian and Libyan reports. Ansa news agency cited unnamed local sources as saying that an Egyptian commando stormed the eastern Libyan town, a stronghold of the Islamic State (Isis) there, "capturing 55 Daesh [IS] militants". The Libyan National Army wrote on its Facebook page that Egyptian forces in coordination with the local army stormed IS camp in Derna, "killing a large number of IS militants and capturing several terrorists including Egyptians, foreigners and Arabs"..

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For Somalis In Minneapolis, Jihadi Recruiting Is A Recurring Nightmare

This week officials are gathering in Washington to discuss how to counter extremist messages, particularly those from the self-proclaimed Islamic State. ISIS has been luring thousands of Westerners to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. The number of Americans who have traveled to Syria is still relatively small — in the neighborhood of 150 people — and a thin slice of that group, perhaps as many as two dozen Americans, are thought to have joined ISIS.In the discussions at the White House this week, one city has focused minds: Minneapolis-St Paul. It had been ground zero for terrorist recruiters in the past, and is fast becoming the center of ISIS' recruitment effort in the United States.

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Egypt officer killed, eight injured in Cairo bomb attack

At least an Egyptian officer has been killed and eight people have sustained injuries in a bomb attack in the capital, Cairo. An Egyptian police convoy was the target of the bomb attack in Ain Shams, a neighborhood in northeast Cairo, Egyptian officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

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Al-Shabab militants assassinate Somali legislator

A Somali lawmaker has been killed by al-Shabab militants in the capital Mogadishu as assassinations of politicians in the east African country continue.“Abdulahi Qayad Barre was shot dead, men killed him as he left his house to go to parliament,” fellow MP Abdukarim Hajji said on Monday.

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Bomb explodes in Egyptian capital, two more disarmed in city airport

A homemade bomb explosion has hit the central part of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as security officials have found two other bombs at the city’s airport. The bomb went off on Tuesday near a busy square in Cairo, injuring two people.“A small bomb hidden in a roadside electrical transformer went off, damaging the transformer,” a police officer said.

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