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Kenyans take out anger at Al-Shabaab on Somali residents

On May 31, a policeman from the northeastern border state of Garissa uploaded photos to Facebook showing a group of men hitting and flogging Somali migrants lying face-down on the ground. Commenting on the photos, Michael Orita wrote: “These Somali young men came to Garissa for a purpose but little did they know we r smarter than them.” The photos quickly sparked outrage on social media networks. A few hours after uploading them, Orita removed the pictures from his account. But by then they had already been copied and are still circulating online.

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Somalia bans media from using ‘al-Shabab’ name

Somali government has banned journalists from using the word al-Shabab to refer to the armed group fighting the government and instead ordered them to refer to the group as "the group that massacres the Somali people". Speaking to journalists in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, country's intelligence chief Abdirahman Mohamud Turyare said the al-Qaeda-linked rebel group deserves to be called the name. "The name al-shabab means 'The Youth' and that is a good name. We will not allow that good name to be tarnished," Turyare said.

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Bank Crackdown Threatens Remittances to Somalia

Somali-Americans could find it much harder to send money back home to friends and family after next week. Merchants Bank of California, which handles 60 to 80 percent of the remittances sent to Somalia from the United States, announced this week that it is dropping the accounts of companies that transfer money on behalf of Somali immigrants in the United States.…

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Somalia Ready for Oil Exploration?

This is a guest post by Alex Dick-Godfrey, Assistant Director, Studies administration for the Council on Foreign Relations Studies Program.Last month, Soma Oil and Gas, a London based energy company, searching for hydrocarbon deposits off the coast of Somalia, announced that it had completed a seismic survey to ascertain the potential for recoverable oil and gas deposits. ...

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