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See Ethiopia’s capital, think Dubai

Emirates is both an inspiration and a competitor for Ethiopian Airlines, which seeks to benefit from a major government drive to promote investment in tourismThere is no shortage of customers flowing in and out of Addis Ababa's Boston Day Spa. Today, hotels and spas are mushrooming all over the capital, but some old preconceptions persist.

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The hardest places in the world to visit

THERE are some places in the world that really don’t want you to visit so they’ve made it especially hard for tourists to enter.Eritrea One of the most secretive countries in Africa, Eritrea remains off the tourist path due to its ongoing conflict with neighbouring Ethiopia and Sudan. Visitors to this non-democratic country are highly monitored and visas take up to eight weeks to process, if not completely rejected. There’s only one border crossing from Djibouti, and unreliable bus and taxi services from Sudan. You can fly into Asmara Airport from a handful of European and African airports, although prices are hefty. Thanks to Mussolini, this former Italian colony is full of incredible architectural gems and art deco style largely unexplored by the dwindling tourist numbers.

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Divine Ethiopia

Its landscapes are biblical and its rituals age-old. But amid the cave churches and tribes are new lodges – and helicopters to reach them

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Ethiopia: Site of the Ark of the Covenant?

Tigray, Ethiopia (CNN)Ethiopia is often overlooked as a top destination for spiritual pilgrimage. This is an unfortunate oversight.The country is not just the cradle of civilization, it has played a significant role in the formation of many of the world's top religions. It is not only the location of the biblical kingdom of Sheba, it is currently believed by some to house the Ark of the Covenant. Click through the gallery above for a list of the country's top religious sites.

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Ethiopia eyes more tourists from Oman this year

Addis Ababa/Muscat: This year, around 10,000 tourists from Oman are expected to visit Ethiopia, one of the most ancient countries in the world, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination in Africa, said a senior official. Ethiopia, a treasure trove of historical, cultural and natural riches located in the Horn of Africa, is home to the highest number of Unesco World Heritage sites in Africa, along with Morocco, and receives thousands of foreign tourists every year. ' Now, with ever-increasing ties between Oman and Ethiopia, the northeast African country has its sights set on attracting more tourists from the Sultanate. "We have developed an attractive package and have sent it to all our trading partners. Also, in the absence of an Ethiopian embassy in Oman, we are facilitating visas for Omanis and expatriates living in Oman," said Sami Muctar, country manager - Oman, Ethiopian Airlines. Speaking to the Times of Oman, Muctar said that the launch of direct flights between Muscat and Addis Ababa has led to a 'tremendous' increase in the number of travellers and 10,000 visitors from Oman are expected to visit Ethiopia this year.

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Living history – a journey along the historic route in Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA HAS LEFT me utterly selfish. After a week in this spectacular country I have been consumed by it and want to keep it all to myself. I don’t really want to see tourists scrambling to take photographs in the ancient churches and palaces I have been introduced to. I don’t want others to come and see the beauty of its people or the anger of its storms, to experience the silence of its forests and lakes or to feel the elegance of its music and dance. But everyone should. This is Africa as it is imagined, and it defies all expectations. Yes, our existing images of Ethiopia are harrowing, but those images created an emotional attachment to Ethiopia that shouldn’t be ignored. Before my trip I told everyone I met where I was going, just to gauge their reaction. While most were surprised, they were also excited by the idea and wanted to know more. It seems people want to like Ethiopia. They feel they know it and have an interest in its future.Religion is everywhere in Ethiopia. In fact, for anyone brought up with even a vaguely Christian education, a trip to Ethiopia is your catechism brought to life. The traditions and way of life outside the cities, particularly surrounding its historic sites, can only be described as biblical. It sounds an overly dramatic description, but this is a place where time has stood still. At least for now.

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