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Is the Ethiopian 5:2 the most delicious diet? –

This version's veggie curries and fresh salads look sure to eradicate the crankiness on the modern 5:2's fasting days.The 5:2 diet is one of the more popular diets of recent times so it might come as a surprise that Ethiopians have been practicing their own 5:2 diet for centuries.

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Ethiopian food comes Haile recommended – Hackney Citizen

Food historian Gillian Riley discovers the unique culinary heritage of Africa’s oldest independent countryThe Beatles said it all: John, Paul, Ringo and George inadvertently gave a name to the first near-human in history. In 1974 anthropologists who located and reconstructed the female skeleton of a hominid who lived over three million years ago, rejoiced, in their encampment in Hadar in the Awas Valley, to a euphoric tape of ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’; hence her name.

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