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U.S. NGOs Kicked Out of Eritrea: Foreign Aid Is Meant To Cripple People

I share Eritrean resentment towards Foreign aid. However, I do not think Eritrea kicked out NGOs based upon the principle that ‘foreign aid is unhealthy to the nation.”
In fact Eritrea had better treatment by the US and UK just before the war on Badme. I never heard of bad mouthing on foreign aid or bragging about self-reliance, before the war.

Once Ethiopia revealed to the world, specifically to the US & UK, that Eritrea is a tiny nation in the horn of Africa, which faces a lengthy, bumpy road ahead, the US & UK damped her and renewed their relationship with Ethiopia
and that drives, President for life Isayas afwerki crazy.
For the past ten plus years, anything everything that went wrong in Eritrea was blamed on the US.
Eritrea today is crippled. Whether Isaias accepts or refuses to receive aid.

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