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The weak and the wicked

The recent renewal of alliance between the G7 and Eritrean hoodlums is mesmerising. Do these people learn from their mistakes? Failure, destruction, humiliation one after the other and they still dare to speak! Well, it is just two donkeys scratching each other.

The attack against Yemen was at its zenith when the terrorist Andargachew Tsige, with all his documents was captured. Soon they shift their muzzle to British. Still to their dismay, no result! Finally they came to their ‘historic enemy’-TPLF. Everybody seems to be baptised in hatred politics in the G7 camp. They spat their venomous condemnation once again against anyone who differs from their point of view. Of course no one is new for their vitriolic attack, after all who cares about the dead dog?

In one of their discussions posted on YouTube, the supporters and members of G7 have invited an ‘elite’ Eritrean to give them a speech. Although the words elite and Eritrean seems never to appear in the same sentence these days, let’s  take their description as it is for simplicity. The man is an EPLF cadre. He was telling the audience to boycott TPLF. Good point! But how is the question. As he is enemy number one of Ethiopia and Ethiopians things seemed simple to him. He suggested to boycott Ethiopian airlines, Ethiopian beers and even Ethiopian Enjera! He mentioned the millions of dollars TPLF is earning from these revenues. Well, he can’t differentiate a country from a political party. Or, yes he could differentiate, but his aim could be to hurt the Ethiopian economy, as this is a noble mission for any EPLF cadre. In his tirade the man added about the benefit of allowing Tigray to be an independent country. This, he said, will leave the rest of Ethiopia in peace and Ethiopians will once again be able to sell their Teff and coffee in the vast Eritrean market plus they will use the Assab port as they wish. Talking about the map, he said, no Ethiopian should be worried about how the future Ethiopia without Tigray will look like, as if the the question is about how Ethiopia will look like in the map. By the way, were the Eritreans fighting to alter the map of Ethiopia? In fact it is partly true, the only thing EPLF achieved post 1991 is in changing the border lines, it did not implement democracy or bring about development to the region. Finally he closed his remark about the supreme importance of inviting Eritrean speakers and thinkers to such panels so that they will speak in a better language, of course no one can compare the speech made by a backward African with that of an ‘elite’ man whose only claim to superiority is his history of colonisation. Well, i have no comments here, as it is self explanatory. What was sickening was the response of the audience. Bunch of vocal diaspora filled with hatred politics and pessimism.

How can a group who says it is struggling for the unity of Ethiopia embrace a secessionist idea? Why are they at their wits’ end? Do they know where and by whom the three thousand or so history of Ethiopia they like to blurt was made? Can anybody imagine Ethiopia without Tigray? Only an EPLF mentality can dream so. Anything which weakens the unity of Ethiopia is in their benefit. What is the life time mission of EPLF is not to see a developed Eritrea but a devastated and dismembered, balkanised  Ethiopia! If any Ethiopian has such a dream, he is a victim of the pessimist vocal diaspora’s propaganda. G7 members were humiliated by that cadre’s comments. He was telling into their faces that no activism of theirs could workout unless an Eritrean, the master, is involved.

If Eritreans were good at diplomacy, boycotting or activism they could have curbed at least one of the economic sanctions imposed on them by the UN Security Council. Alas, their false self image fuelled by the dependant and reckless behaviour of our opposition parties made such a speech possible. And it is this mafia group in Asmara which is seen by G7 as a saviour. “Those who put TPLF in the Menelik palace, those who can use tanks and sing at the same time, those who can occupy Africa in one month if they wish to! The reality is they can’t even defend themselves, morally collapsed, economically degraded pariah government of the world as they are. Thanks to TPLF they were saved from apocalyptic demise, thanks to TPLF they got their independence. I never wish them to be part of Ethiopia any time in the future until their envy driven inferiority complex wired brain is ironed to shape. They fought thirty years for secession, they might have to fight sixty years to reunite. Of course, we will get what had been ours and which belongs to us. The whole Afar triangle belongs to Ethiopia, here there is no compromise.

If the Ethiopian government is to blamed for being undemocratic, then the blaming group or party has to show an iota of democracy in its daily activities. While living in a democratic and developed countries no single opposition member/supporter seems to understand what democracy is. Their characteristic brand is dictatorship. Imagine, they are doing this while they are not yet into the public offices, what are they going to do once they held the guns and the government offices? Good Lord deliver us! Our opposition in diaspora are not  willing to hear a different opinion. Everything is dichotomous, with us or with them. All the technology they are endowed with and the democracy they enjoy there is for nothing more than barking like stray dogs on their fellow Ethiopians. This is the image of Ethiopia they want to portray to the world in addition to the history of famine and drought. This and only this can justify their long absence from their villages. There is nothing frightening for them than to see a developed Ethiopia or an ultra-democratic party in Ethiopia as this ruins their day dreaming. They are ready to collaborate with Anybody with such a mission be it Egypt or Eritrea.

I don’t believe the religious fathers who reside in these foreign countries are playing an exemplary role. Instead of uniting people of the same country they work painstakingly to split the laity in ethnic lines. It is trivial to see Churches divided across language,not doctrines. They preach hatred instead of brother love. Their commandment is Hate thy brother! God save their souls.

Whether we believe it or not Ethiopia is prospering. There is no power who can stop the progress and development of Ethiopia. Mega projects like GERD, railways, coal and sugar industries are, but few realities. True Ethiopians will remain one. No one will be able to balkanise Ethiopia. All our questions and call for more democracy can be answered only by a democratic movement.

The weak G7 cannot be supported by the wicked EPLF.


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